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    The factory shall cooperate in completing the factory inspection activities arranged by the certification body. For the initial factory inspection, the factory should follow the agreement with the certification body Schedule time for factory inspection; For supervision and inspection, the factory shall accept the supervision and inspection of the certification body within the specified period, and at the same time, certification The institution may conduct factory supervision inspections (e.g. flight inspections, special supervision inspections) without prior notice in accordance with international practice, and the factory shall Cooperate. Otherwise, the certification body has the right to suspend the certification. The factory shall cooperate in completing the factory inspection activities arranged by the certification body. right During the initial factory inspection, the factory shall conduct the factory inspection according to the scheduled time agreed with the certification body; For supervision and inspection
    In recent 10 days, the price of stainless steel plate stainless steel pipe has increased
    I believe everyones circle of friends must be very lively recently. They have been swiped by all kinds of price increase information! J1j2 price rise, 304 price rise and 316L price rise... Today, the market trend in Wuxi is still rising, and the mainstream transaction prices in the market have increased by 50 ~ 200 yuan / ton. In the price increase, Delong increased by 200 yuan / ton compared with yesterday, and the time limit is still limited! The cumulative increase in these two days is 600 yuan / ton.

    Wuxi stainless steel market in August came so suddenly, but it was so hot in time. In addition to Lun Nis rise of US $220 to US $14000 / ton, the main contract of stainless steel futures also rose in a straight line, the price rose unilaterally, and the short-term cumulative rise was about 800 yuan / ton. Whether it is a sprint to dump orders or prepare goods for bottom reading, the terminal demand has improved. It has been falling for a long time, and its urgent mentality can be imagined.

    Market: todays steel mills still frequently raise prices and receive orders in limited quantities. This rhythm has contributed to the price rise situation! 304 hot rolling increased by 100 yuan / ton; Adjust the price again in the afternoon, 316L up 50! 304 cold rolling increased by 100-200 yuan / ton. Some businesses even said that they would continue to increase tomorrow, otherwise they couldnt bear it at all.
    Cold rolling nitriding treatment of seamless steel pipe
    The cold rolling of seamless steel pipe changes martensite to seamless steel pipe before the rolled piece enters the fine extruder. Rough rolling is still carried out under the condition of full martensite. Then, according to the ultra rapid refrigeration system between the fine extruder and the rough extruder, the temperature of hot rolled strip is reduced below the change point before entering the first fine extruder.

    The nitriding treatment method of seamless steel pipe is mainly to use the nitriding furnace, put the seamless steel pipe into the feeding frame, and then lift the product workpiece by the driver and put it at the bottom of the furnace for heating. In addition, the nitriding furnace with the design scheme of furnace door lifting load can be made, and the workpiece of wall hanging product can be heated vertically according to the special tools for lifting and wall hanging. The furnace shell of nitriding furnace is generally driven by reducer motor and electric full-automatic elevator. After the furnace cover is closed, another anchor bolt shall be clamped to ensure the tightness of the vacuum pump of the nitriding furnace. Vacuum packaging first, and then N2 is introduced to carry out nitriding heat treatment process.

    Nitriding treatment of seamless steel pipe refers to an organic chemical heat treatment method that makes certain substances make the surface of the workpiece of the organic chemical heat treatment process at a certain temperature. Nitriding furnace application nitriding furnace is used to carry out steam nitriding heat treatment process in various steel mechanical parts, car curved glaze, transmission gear, motorcycle brake pad, die shell, etc. In the field of non-ferrous plate, it can be used for bright air-free oxidation quenching of copper materials such as air-conditioning copper pipe, copper coin, copper core wire and copper rod in maintenance atmosphere. Or no air oxidation quenching heat treatment method for vacuum pump N2 maintenance of thick wall seamless steel pipe, stub shaft and various metal parts.

    Obviously, because the slab heating temperature of cold rolling in seamless steel pipe zone is lower than that of basic cold rolling, the heating energy consumption can be greatly reduced, and the production of heat treatment furnace can also be improved. Low heating temperature can also reduce the temperature rise of hot-rolled strip, and then reduce the fatigue cracking and fracture of hot-rolled strip caused by internal stress, and reduce the wear of hot-rolled strip; Ultra low temperature cold rolling can also reduce the secondary zinc dust, improve the process performance of hot-rolled products, and improve the operation speed of pickling and passivation line. Life practice has proved that replacing the traditional cold-rolled quenched hot-rolled strip with the thin hot-rolled strip produced by the hot rolling Institute in the seamless steel pipe zone can greatly reduce the product cost.
    What should be paid attention to when using seamless steel pipe in industrial production
    With the development of science and technology in China, seamless steel pipe is a new transportation equipment developed rapidly with the development of science and production technology in China. For this seamless steel pipe, industry experts said that this transportation pipe uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to transport liquid according to the electromotive force induced by the conductive medium through the external magnetic field. For many enterprises using this transportation equipment, how to ensure the normal operation of seamless steel pipe is an essential link in the daily production process, and it is necessary to carry out daily maintenance of the pipe.

    For normal enterprises, the seamless steel pipe can be inspected relatively comprehensively once a year, not only from the appearance, but also from the key parts of the pipe, and then a value of transportation shall be calibrated, and the voltage and circuit of each original part of the pipe shall be confirmed, Ensure that there is no error in each link, so as to ensure the accuracy of pipe transportation in daily production activities. When inspecting this seamless steel pipe, professionals in the industry often have to carry out zero drift. It is very necessary to adjust the zero point. Online zero adjustment must stop the flow of the transported liquid. In fact, it is not easy to do. Therefore, in the process of inspection, it is often necessary to check the operation of the sensor.

    Professionals also said that if a result obtained after testing the pipe is consistent with the historical test results, it is clear that the pipe has no problems and can be used continuously. In fact, for this very precise stainless steel pipe, in the daily production, some poor operations may lead to certain transportation deviation of the transportation equipment. Therefore, for enterprises, on the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen the daily maintenance and inspection of these precision transportation equipment, and at the same time, it is also necessary to provide more professional skills training for operators to avoid improper operation of operators in daily work operation, resulting in transportation deviation of transportation equipment, which may not only cause damage to transportation equipment, At the same time, it will also have a certain impact on production activities.