• In recent 10 days, the price of stainless steel plate stainless steel pipe has increased

    date issued : 2021-07

    I believe everyones circle of friends must be very lively recently. They have been swiped by all kinds of price increase information! J1j2 price rise, 304 price rise and 316L price rise... Today, the market trend in Wuxi is still rising, and the mainstream transaction prices in the market have increased by 50 ~ 200 yuan / ton. In the price increase, Delong increased by 200 yuan / ton compared with yesterday, and the time limit is still limited! The cumulative increase in these two days is 600 yuan / ton.

    Wuxi stainless steel market in August came so suddenly, but it was so hot in time. In addition to Lun Nis rise of US $220 to US $14000 / ton, the main contract of stainless steel futures also rose in a straight line, the price rose unilaterally, and the short-term cumulative rise was about 800 yuan / ton. Whether it is a sprint to dump orders or prepare goods for bottom reading, the terminal demand has improved. It has been falling for a long time, and its urgent mentality can be imagined.

    Market: todays steel mills still frequently raise prices and receive orders in limited quantities. This rhythm has contributed to the price rise situation! 304 hot rolling increased by 100 yuan / ton; Adjust the price again in the afternoon, 316L up 50! 304 cold rolling increased by 100-200 yuan / ton. Some businesses even said that they would continue to increase tomorrow, otherwise they couldnt bear it at all.
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